Monday, 19 April 2021

DAY 1 - Virtual sCYence Fair 2021

Starts: 16:00

Welcome Addresses:

  • President of The Cyprus Institute, Prof. George Christophides
  • Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Mr. Prodromos Prodromou
  • Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Mr. Kyriakos Kokkinos
  • Watch the best 3 submissions by Lyceum students.
  • 3 short experiments part of the Physics Decathlon.
  • Watch the best 3 submissions by Gymnasium students.
  • 3 short experiments part of the Physics Decathlon.


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

DAY 2 - Virtual sCYence Fair 2021

Starts: 16:00

Welcome Addresses:

  • Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation of the Republic of Cyprus, Dr. Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos
  • Mayor of Aglantzia, Mr. Andreas Constantinou
  • Watch the best 3 submissions by Primary School students.
  • 4 short experiments as part of the Physics Decathlon.
  • Watch the video about dangers on the internet, and how we can protect ourselves: “Antibodies to Misinformation”, which is implemented through students from different schools in Cyprus.
  • Announcement of the winners of each category (Primary School, Gymnasium, Lyceum).



About the Physics Decathlon

The Physics Decathlon is an activity that includes 10 experiments ("competitions") of Physics with simple materials and their detailed description, goal of each experiment, some instructions and rules for the competition and some remarks-clarifications. Prepare your materials to participate in the Physics Decathlon in sCYence Fair 2021 on April 19 and 20! If you like you can compete with each other for the best result by collecting points from each experiment.

Experiment 1: Fork balance
• 2 forks
• Cube made of polystyrene acne 3cm, approx.
• A toothpick
• A wooden skewer fixed in a vertical position

Balance the forks, the toothpick and the piece of polystyrene on the wooden skewer. The winner is whoever balances his construction first. The forks, the polystyrene and the toothpick must be connected together. Only the toothpick should rest on the wooden skewer. A cork from a wine bottle or a piece of plasticizer or a piece of dough or a piece of blu-tack can be used instead of polystyrene.


Experiment 2: Tin race
• An empty, clean and dry can of soft drink
• A straw or a piece of plastic pipe (length 30cm, approx.)
• Some tissues

Make the tin roll from one end of the table to the other as fast as you can. Winner is whoever achieves the shortest travel time. The straw (or tube) should not touch the tin. You are not allowed to blow with the straw (or the tube). Try to time your effort by activating the timer from the moment you start your effort until the moment when the tin hits the floor.


Experiment 3: Pins in Water
• Saucer
• Glass (plastic or glass)
• Pins (10)
• Water
• Soap water

Place the pins on the surface of the water without sinking. Winner is whoever manages to float the most pins. Place the glass in the saucer. Fill the glass with water to the brim. Try to place the pins one by one on the surface of the water. The pins should not touch the rim of the glass. After attempting to place the pins on the surface of the water, try repeating the process with the glass filled with soapy water (you can drop a few drops of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid into the glass of water). What do you notice?


Experiment 4: Swimmer of Descartes
• Small bottle with water
• Straw
• Paper clip
• Pair of scissors

Hang the clip on the water. The winner is the one who will be the first to make the clip float. Cut a piece of straw around 5 cm, fold it in half and fasten the two ends together with the clip. Insert the straw clip into the water bottle. If necessary, cut the ends of the straw a little more, so that the clip just protrudes above the surface of the water. Close the bottle and forcefully push the bottle sideways. By adjusting the force exerted on the sides of the bottle you can adjust the position of the clip on the bottle.


Experiment 5: Balloon Skewering
• Some balloons
• A wooden skewer

Pass the wooden balloon through the inflated balloon without breaking it. Get 10 balloons each. The winner is the one who manages to stab most of the balloons without breaking them. Inflate and tie the balloon so that the stick is slightly longer than the length of the balloon. Then try to pass the stick through the balloon so that the stick goes through the center of the balloon. Carefully observe the inflated balloon and locate the points where the balloon plastic is thicker.


Experiment 6: Transfer of Ball by Glass
• A glass of wine or a similarly shaped glass
• Ping pong ball or other small plastic ball
• Container for transporting the ball from the table (eg a tall glass)
• Tape

Transfer the ball from the table to the container using the wine glass. Everyone tries with the same number of balls. The winner is the one who manages to transfer the most balls from the table to the pot. With each ball everyone is entitled to an effort. Place the ball and the container on the table. Take the glass of wine and holding it constantly upside down to transfer the ball from the table to the container. It is good before you start your efforts to wrap the glass outside with adhesive tape to prevent glass fragments in case the glass breaks. You can try with different balls.


Experiment 7: Transfer of rice with wooden skewer
• Small plastic bottle full of rice
• A wooden skewer

Transfer the rice bottle from one end of the table to the other using only the skewer. The winner is the one who will be the first to carry the bottle of rice to the other end of the table. The bottle is always open. Only the stick is allowed to rest on the bottle. No rice should be spilled from the bottle when transporting the bottle. The bottle should be filled with rice to the point where it starts at the mouth of the bottle. If rice is spilled during transport, the effort starts from the beginning. The transfer must be done as soon as you can.


Experiment 8: Emergence of a sphere
• A small plastic bottle
• A glass ball
• Sand or semolina

Raise the glass ball from the bottom of the sand-filled (or semolina) bottle to the surface of the sand. The winner is the one who will manage to bring the ball to the surface of the sand faster. Place the glass ball in the bottle. Fill the bottle up to three-quarters full with sand (or semolina) and close the bottle. You can move the bottle any way you want. You are not allowed to open the bottle. The goal will be achieved when the glass ball is on the surface of the sand with the bottle upright. You can time your effort and then try to improve this time.


Experiment 9: Coin Cruise
• Square piece of aluminium foil 10 cm
• Container with a diameter slightly larger than the diagonal of the square piece of foil.
• Cap from a plastic water bottle
• 15 coins of 5 cents

Make the cap float with as many coins as possible in it. The winner is the one who manages to float the largest number of coins. Fill the container with water. Try to check how many coins you need to put in the cap so that it sinks. You can use foil to increase the number of coins. You can give any shape you want to the foil.


Experiment 10: Inertia of glasses
• Five identical reusable plastic cups, which can be placed inside each other
• Four pieces of cardboard with dimensions slightly larger than the mouth of the glass

Remove the cartons between the glasses so that each glass falls into the glass below it. The winner is the one who will achieve the goal with the columns of 2, 3, 4 and 5 glasses, in succession, in the shortest time or in a given time to complete with the most columns. Place a glass with its mouth facing up, insert a card and place a glass on the card. Try to remove the card so that one glass falls into the other and the glasses do not tip over. Repeat the process with columns of 3, 4 and 5 glasses, in succession. Try to change the way the glasses are placed, that is, to place them with their mouths down. Is the test easier, harder or just as difficult? Try replacing glasses with disposable plastic or paper cups. Is the test easier, harder or just as difficult?



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