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The Physics Decathlon is an experiential activity with ten interesting Physics experiments for young and old. Each experiment (“race”) has a measurable result. Thus, visitors can experiment and check how well they do in these experimental activities and, at the same time, learn about concepts and laws of Physics.

The activity has a competitive character in two categories: group category (in which groups of students with a maximum number of 5 members participate) and individual category (in which any visitor of the Festival can participate). Teams and individuals compete in interesting experimental Physics activities with measurable results and, depending on the result, get points. At the end of the Festival, the champion team in the team category and the champion in the individual category will be announced. The winners receive a small prize, related to Physics. Visitors who do not wish to take part in the competition can simply try the experiments while attending the Physics Decade booth.

Indicatively, some of the Physics Decathlon competitions are:

  • Needle Balance: Participants should balance as many needles on the head of a needle as possible.
  • Transfer of balls with an overturned glass: Participants should transfer from the table to a glass 10 balls (one ball at a time) using another glass, which, however, must be constantly inverted.
  • Lifting a clip with a magnet: Participants should lift a clip that is tied to the end of a thread as high as they can using a magnet with the restriction that the magnet does not touch the clip).
  • Sphere Emergence: Participants must raise a metal sphere from the bottom of a closed test tube filled with sand to the surface of the sand, without opening the tube (and without using a magnet!
  • Balance pins in water: Participants should place 20 pins on the surface of the water in a glass so that the pins do not sink.
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